Sagaform has since 1996 created smiles in many homes and families with timeless Swedish design and sustainable production through products which care about the familiar and with a clear purpose: to find a home everywhere! At Sagaform you will find gifts, kitchen accessories and interior decorating details in timeless Swedish design. Priceworthy products with a distinct function in a sustainable quality, created to be used and appreciated over many generations. Products which are easy to like and easy to give away as gifts.


Sagaform – A Swedish Original since 1996

With the basic purpose to create products which should find a place in every Swedish home, Sagaform started at Sagagatan in Borås, Sweden, in 1996. Although we have had many shapes since then the purpose is still the same: to find a home everywhere!

"Timeless design which cares about the familiar has always been the foundation for us and with a strong connection to the Scandinavian and the Swedish design we continue to develop our work around a sustainable production of gifts and products for the home. Gifts that should be able to be used and appreciated in many homes and many families for a long time to come.

We call these timeless gifts and kitchen accessories Swedish Originals. Functional quality products which care about creating togetherness, which are created to be appreciated and used by families over generations. Our Swedish Originals are easy to like and always easy to give away as gifts.

How do I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us at Sagaform is via e-mail at (