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We work with Sweden´s leading designers to create high quality, joyful and innovative products for the kitchen and dressed table – talented designers who are well versed in the values at the heart of our brand and who keep up-to-date with home interiors trends and lifestyles.



Margot Barolo

Designer Margot Barolo studied at Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm as well as gaining a Master’s in ceramics from the University of Arts, Crafts and Design, also in Stockholm. She has enjoyed great success collaborating with the Swedish art industry and in recent years has also come to challenge the image of production surrounding it. Margot’s unique design style and her love of ceramics shine through in her autumn coffee series for Sagaform. The series includes stackable bowls, coffee cups, latte mugs and saucers inspired by the 1970s and its trend for ceramics with straight lines broken up by an abundance of pattern and playfulness. Her style is intertwined with restful colours, high-gloss glazes and ever-present relief patterns.

“I always love being able to work with a whole made of many parts that create a dynamic together. In this series I have chosen to combine the look I love from the slightly robust, recognisable shapes of the 1970s with versatility. The pieces in this collection are stackable and just invite you to mix and match all the different patterns and colours with wild abandon. It feels fantastic to work with Sagaform to create products that lots of people will be able to enjoy,” says Margot.

Anton Björsing

Anton Björsing studied furniture design at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Stockholm, specialising in wood. Prior to that he studied design and joinery at Steneby Academy of Design and Crafts, part of the University of Gothenburg. His style is synonymous with the clean lines of Scandinavian design. He works primarily with oak in combination with stoneware and glass, and it is the exciting contrast of materials that gives his products an added dimension.

“The Nature series for Sagaform is a collection with a clear character, yet minimalistic tone. It combines form and function with a feeling for and sensitivity to materials and craftsmanship. Sagaform is an innovative design brand with a long history of collaborating with different designers. Together we combine Sagaform’s experience and instinct for what people want in their homes with an exciting and inspiring play on materials and Scandinavian design. Nature is the perfect illustration of how this trend can be accessible to lots of people,” says Anton.

Matz Borgström

Matz Borgström was one of the founders of the design department at Beckman’s College of Design, in Stockholm and his designs have won awards both in Sweden and internationally. His new series for Sagaform breathes fresh life into a real design classic. The iconic design of Sagaform’s colourful Club glasses has made them a favourite in Swedish homes for many years. In autumn 2018, a new updated version of these glasses was launched in honour of Sagaform’s 25th anniversary featuring exclusive gold-coloured details, and the glasses are being sold in a limited edition. The fact that Matz Borgström’s collection is based on a classic is no coincidence.

“I’ve always had a fondness for 20th century design. In this series for Sagaform, I have related to the ideas behind the 1990s design, but added a slightly more playful philosophy – for example the combination of classic lines with the fact that some of the glasses don’t have a traditional base,” says Matz.

Pascal Charmolu

Pascal Charmolu is a Frenchman who found love in Sweden and, via the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, quickly became a star of the Swedish design scene. He was also an instant hit with Sagaform.

In autumn 2017 Pascal Charmolu was trying to solve the problem of creating a vase that would be suitable for cut flowers of varying heights. That was when he had the idea for Hold – a classic glass vase with an ingenious metal construction that can be moved up and down. The vase has won the IHA Global Innovation Awards and now comes in three different sizes and in both gold-coloured and silver-coloured options.