Birthday tradition with

Mirelle Stoor


There are as many birthday traditions as there are birthdays. In the home of our friend Mirelle Stoor, known as designbymirelle on Instagram, you make sure to focus on the experience. Last year she and her partner Mattias decided that every birthday they should take a trip and discover new beautiful places in Sweden. Always with the first picnic of the year as Mirelle has her birthday in March.

”The birthday tradition of going away together reminds us of just taking a break from everyday life, on our own, and enjoy.”





When was this tradition created and why?

- Last year we decided to go away on our birthdays every year, so this is a new tradition for us but one that still feels like one of the most important ones! We travel to a beautiful place in Sweden and discover our lovely country. This time it was the west coast and Falkenberg.






Why is this birthday tradition important?

My best decision has been to collect experiences rather than material things. Big as small, and really having a time every year when you know you’re going on a little holiday. Taking a short break – it’s so important and you live a long time on this change of environment.





What is extra important when you celebrate your traditions?


- The most important to me is that tradition is something that feeds the soul and gives us beautiful memories. I think everyone would feel good by having a tradition where you just take a break, change environment, get close to nature and do things you really love! To us it’s a luxury to be by the sea as we don’t live there and so on.