Billi – a new Swedish original

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Let us introduce Billi. A future Swedish original made from 100% recycled plastic. A series of glasses in various models and accessories in a unique design, which makes it the obvious choice for outdoor activities, caravan vacations, boating, and for all moments worth celebrating a little extra.
Sustainably designed series in recycled PET for more moments to share.

What is rPET?

rPET stands for ”Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate,”. PET is a type of thermoplastic polymer used to manufacture many common products, such as plastic bottles for beverages and food packaging.

rPET is simply recycled PET plastic. It is produced by recycling used PET products from the consumer stream, primarily plastic bottles. The process involves collecting plastic bottles, crushing them, and melting them down to create new plastic material. The recycled material can then be used to manufacture a variety of products, including bottles, packaging, textiles, and other plastic products. In this case, Billi.

Why do we use rPET?

The use of rPET plastic in products has several advantages, in our opinion. By recycling plastic bottles and other PET materials, the need to produce new plastic is reduced. This saves energy and reduces the amount of waste. The production of rPET plastic also requires less energy and resources compared to producing new plastic. By recycling and reusing plastic materials like rPET, the concept of circular products and systems is promoted, where products and materials are reused instead of being discarded.

With rounded, generous cups adorned with the classic Sagaform stripe, the family members of the series have a modern, sleek design with an exciting character developed for an active life and moments together.

– We at Sagaform love outdoor living and excel in the field. Our previous picnic series, Juni, is a firm favourite for many, but now we aim to create an alternative that appeals to a different type of customer. Using 100% recycled material, rPET, was a natural choice from the start, but we also wanted to develop a design language that is more unisex. Billi also incorporates design elements from our beautiful glass series Saga, which creates both recognition and coherence. We believe and hope that Billi will become the obvious choice for the future of outdoor living, caravan vacations, boating, and for all moments worth celebrating a little extra, says Beatrice Lindgren, Design and Concept Manager at Sagaform AB.

Billi bowl and water glass

The water glasses and bowls have a distinct, rounded form embellished with stripes and are practically stackable. The well thought out design makes the glasses perfect to use on many occasions. The size of the bowl makes it perfect to use for snacks, dessert or breakfast cereals.

Billi glasses

Billi beer- wine and coupe glasses has a unique characteristic design which represents Sagaform in an obvious way. With its distinct, rounded bowls embellished with stripes and its low foot, these glasses are not only beautiful, but also functional.The practical, stackable and well thought out shape makes the glass perfect to use on many occasions. 

Billi carafe

The Billi carafe features a unique design where the characteristic stripe signifies Sagaform. The shape is inspired by a Sagaform classic in the Nature series. The form is both functional and well thought out for versatile use. The carafe has a bamboo cork, which is also a typical Sagaform detail.

Billi wine cooler

The Billi wine cooler saves all warm summer days and keeps any beverage chilled in a practical and stylish manner. When it's not being used as a wine cooler it works perfect with summer's flowers or as a snack bowl. The stripes follow the shape and there are two practical holes for holding it. The shape is thought through and easy to use wherever and whenever. Why not include a bottle of wine or lemonade when giving it away along with the bucket? Guaranteed to be both appreciated and useful!