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Order & delivery

How do I purchase Sagaforms products?

You purchase Sagsforms products in our webshop at or from our carefully selected retailers all over the world.

For now we only offer orders within Denmark and Finland. For more information, contact our customer service.

I have placed an order – what happens now?

After you have placed an order you will receive an order confirmation with information about your purchase. When your order is being sent from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery notice by email. You will receive a text message (SMS) when your package can be picked up or when you can expect a home delivery.

Can I change or cancel my order?

We cannot change or cancel an order if it has been processed by our warehouse. Try emailing our customer service and we’ll see what we can do. Always double check your details carefully, so that they are the correct ones, before you place an order.  Email us at: (

How do I know if my order has been processed?

When you have placed an order you will receive a confirmation by email. When you have received a delivery confirmation email you know your order has been processed and is on its way to you.

What emails will I receive updating my order?

When you have placed an order you will receive a confirmation by email. When your order has been processed and sent from our warehouse you will receive a delivery confirmation email. When your order has arrived at your closest place of delivery, you will get a message in Postnord’s app or a text message (SMS) from Postnord that your package can be picked up.

How do I track my order?

As soon as your order has been sent from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation email containing a tracking link. Via this link you can track your order. You can also use the package number in the email to manually track down your package at Postnord’s site or in their app. If you don’t receive a delivery confirmation email within 5-8 days, or if the tracking link doesn’t work, you are always welcome to contact our customer service for assistance.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

The delivery time is normally 5-8 working days depending on where you live. If you have not received your order within 14 days, please contact Postnord primarily. You are also welcome to contact our customer service and we will help you further.

Can someone else pick up my package?

You need to pick up your package yourself from the pickup point. For national services we refer further to Postnord.

What should I do if I have not received my parcel?

We always aim for you to receive your order within 5-8 working days. Keep track of your order via the tracking link you received in your delivery confirmation email. If you have received a tracking link but do not receive your order or any updates about where your package is, contact Postnord and state your package number included in your delivery confirmation email. However, if you don’t receive a delivery confirmation email from us within 5-8 working days, you are welcome to contact our customer service for assistance.

How much does the shipping cost?

For purchases over 499 DKK/79 EUR shipping is free. For other orders, the standard shipping cost of 49 DKK/7 EUR to postal agents applies. For orders weighing over 20 kg, it will automatically become a home delivery at a shipping cost of 99 DKK/9 EUR. If you choose to have your order sent by home delivery the cost 199 DKK/29 EUR.

Can I have home delivery?

Yes, for a shipping fee of 199 DKK/29 EUR, we can deliver your parcel to your home.

How long does the package stay with the postal office?

The parcel stays at the pickup point for 14 days before being returned. If the package is not collected a fee of 199 DKK/25 EUR is added.


Are my payment details secure?

We offer secure payment through encrypted payment solutions which have been provided by Adyen and Klarna. The kind of payment methods which are available can vary depending on time and which country you buy from/to.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We work with Adyen Checkout where we offer Klarna’s varying payment methods: invoice, card payment through Visa, Mastercard.

I have a discount code. How do I use it?

Enter your code at checkout under ”Discount Code”. Some discounts and offers cannot be combined, you can only use one campaign/discount code at a time at the checkout. If you have questions regarding an offer you are welcome to contact our customer service.

Do you store my payment details?

No, Sagaform does not receive or store any payment details, this is handled directly by our payment provider.

When is the payment for my order deducted?

If you pay by Klarna the invoice should be paid within 30 days. Note that Klarna’s lead times sometimes vary, you will find more specified information on your invoice. If you pay by card, the money is reserved at the approval of the order but is not deducted until your order leaves our warehouse.

Can you pay with a gift card?

Unfortunately, at present we do not offer the purchase of gift cards and therefore not payment by gift cards. However, you do have the possibility to shop with us with a company gift card.


How do I return my items?

Do like this:

Fill out the return form with information about what you want to return. It is important to specify the return code. Put the return form together with the delivery note and the item you want to return in its original packaging. It is important that you use outer packaging, so the product will not be damaged.     

To create and register your return, you need to contact our customer service who will create and send you a QR-code. When we have confirmed your return, you will receive a QR-code by email, SMS and in the Postnord app which you must present to your post office agent.

Leave your package with any post office agent. You just have to show the postal agent your QR-code who will then print out your return label to stick on your package. The QR-code you will receive from Postnord SMS or the Postnord app.

Important! Save your receipt of shipment.

When we have received and approved your return, we will arrange a refund.

If you want to change a product you need to place a new order on our website.

If you have questions, please contact our customer service at (

Home delivery returns:

If you have ordered by home delivery and wish to register a return by the same shipping method, contact our customer service."

How long will it take before I get my return refunded?

As soon as we have received and approved your return, we will arrange a refund no later than within 14 days from when we have registered your return. The refund will be paid by the same method as when the item was purchased. If you haven’t already paid your invoice, you will receive an updated and adjusted invoice as soon as we have handled your return.

If you have shopped and paid via Klarna and have questions about your return and repayment, please contact Klarna for further assistance.

Klarna – how does returning work?

You can log in at any time to Klarna’s app or at and put the invoice on hold. If you have chosen invoice and return parts of your order you will receive an updated invoice when the return has been processed. If you return your entire order, the invoice will be canceled. If you have already paid your invoice, you need to contact Klarna who handles the repayment. If you have paid by card or bank transfer, the money will be paid back to the account that was debited at the time of purchase.

Can I return SALE-items?

Yes, open purchase and right to withdrawal also apply to sale items for 14 days.

How do I change an item?

If you want to change an ordered item for another size or colour, return the item and order a new one in accordance to your wishes by placing a new order. You can also contact our customer service for assistance.

What about defected and damaged items?

If you return an item you believe is faulty, we will examine the item and – if we agree that the item is faulty – we will either repair or replace the item or repay the amount you paid for the item.

If the item has been damaged during transport – please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

What should I do if I received the wrong product?

You have the right to return a product which, when it is delivered, is incorrect or does not match your order. If you receive a faulty item, you need to contact us regarding the fault as soon as possible, however no later than within two months after you noticed (or should have noticed) the fault. 

How much does it cost to return goods?

You can return your products at a cost of 69 DKK/9 EUR*, carefully follow the instructions included in your parcel. *The fee for the return shipping is 69 DKK/9 EUR for standard deliveries and 199 DKK/25 EUR if you have shopped via home delivery. In the event of a complaint, we don’t charge any cost for the return shipping.

How much time do I have to return an order?

We at Sagaform of course want you to be totally pleased with your items. Therefore, you always have open purchase and right of withdrawal for 14 days. The only condition is that the item is returned in its original condition without having been used. Always return original packaging and included accessories.

Return in case of campaign/offer

If you have purchased items during a specific campaign/offer and have received an item in the bargain when the purchase exceeds a certain sum, and you then want to make a return, we will charge you for the in-the-bargain product if the value of said product is lower than the sum stated as a condition for taking advantage of the campaign/offer. This is because the terms for the campaign are no longer considered fulfilled. 


What is the guarantee for my products?

All products which have been purchased from within the last two years, you have the right to return if a defect should occur. If you want to submit a guarantee registration, please contact our customer service for assistance. 

Where do you manufacture your products?

We design our products in Sweden and manufacture them in different countries depending on the product. For more information, please contact our customer service at (

Where is your warehouse located?

Orders placed at are sent from our warehouse in Borås, Sweden.

How do you work with sustainability?

Sagforms main purpose with the sustainability work is to create products with as long lifespan as possible to minimize the negative impact on people and the environment. In our work we take all three dimensions of sustainability in consideration – socially, environmentally and economically. Sagaform is part of Sagaform AB with the brands Sagaform, Byon, Victorian and Vakinme. Read more about Sagsforms sustainability work ((here))

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Where can I read about your purchase terms?

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Where can I read about your privacy policy?

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