We at Sagaform want you to be happy with your ordered items, of course. Therefore, you always have 14 days open purchase from the day you bought the item. The only condition is that the item is sent back in its original state without having been used and that you return the item in its original packaging together with included accessories. Below we have collected the information you may need to make a return as easy as possible.

You can return the items at a cost of 69 DKK/ 9 EUR*. Follow carefully the instructions included in your parcel. *The return cost is 69 DKK/ 9 EUR for standard deliveries and 199 DKK/ 25 EUR if you make a return via home delivery.

Do you want to change an ordered item?

Then you need to place a new order on our website and return the item you want to change. When we have received your return, we refund the value of the item but make a deduction for the return fee.


We accept your return if:

The product hasn’t been cleaned or used in any way and that it has been returned in the undamaged original packaging.

All labels are still in place.

The product is complete (for example both parts of a pair must be returned).

You have saved your receipt of shipment – in case the return is lost during transport.

For us to be able to approve your return you need to be able to confirm your purchase. We therefore recommend you save the order confirmation and the payment reference for your purchase. 

We do not accept your return if:

If you have shopped with us with a company gift card you do not have any right of return. Please contact us for more information.

We do not accept a return if the items have been used, damaged or haven’t been sent back in their original packaging together with hangtags included in the purchase.

If the item hasn’t been sent back fully protected, in good condition or in its original box. 

If the item is not returned in an acceptable condition, we have the right to charge a fee for the handling of an unsalable product.

Many of our products are handmade and therefore unique, and they can vary somewhat in colour and shape. This is part of the design and structure and is not an approved complaint.

This is how you send a return:

For a return – contact our customer service for guidance.

Step 1

Fill out the return form with information about what you want to return. It is important to specify the return code. Put the return form together with the delivery note and the item you want to return in its original packaging. It is important that you use outer packaging, so the product will not be damaged.     

Step 2

To create and register your return, you need to contact our customer service who will create and send you a QR-code. When we have confirmed your return, you will receive a QR-code by email, SMS and in the Postnord app which you must present to your post office agent.

Step 3

Leave your package with any post office agent. You just have to show the postal agent your QR-code who will then print out your return label to stick on your package. The QR-code you will receive from Postnord by email, SMS or the Postnord app. You don’t pay anything when you send your return package. The return fee will be charged in connection with your refund. For approved complaints we don’t charge a fee.

Important! Save your receipt of shipment.

If you want to change a product you need to place a new order on our website

It can take up to 14 days for us to receive your return. Only when we have received and registered your return you will receive a confirmation email and the repayment starts. If you haven’t received either a confirmation email or a refund within 14 days from the time when you submitted your parcel, please contact us for further help.

Home delivery returns:

If you have ordered by home delivery and wish to register a return by the same shipping method, contact our customer service.

If you have questions, please contact our customer service

This is how you make a complaint:

If an item you have bought is defective, Sagaform applies current consumer legislation. Only original faults are covered by the consumer right of complaint. The right of complaint doesn’t cover for example faults caused by normal wear and tear. If you are not satisfied with your items due to obvious material or manufacturing defects, including damage which has occurred during transport – please contact us immediately

A complaint is handled in the same way as a return. You need a QR-code to be able to leave your package with a postal agent. Contact our customer service who can provide you with the right information and guide you through the process.

Sagaform reserves the right to primarily remedy the error, secondarily redelivery of the item and ultimately providing a refund. To make a possible complaint you need to be able to prove your purchase via Sagaformdesign.se and we recommend therefore you save your order confirmation and payment reference as receipts of your purchase.

To make a complaint please contact our customer service who will guide you. When we have received the item and approved the complaint, a decision on action is taken. In case of a refund the money will be paid back within 2-5 banking days, using the same payment method as when the item was purchased. We are of course responsible for the shipping fee when a complaint has been approved. To receive a new item you have to place a new order.


From the time you submitted your return to your postal agent, it can take up to 14 days before you will receive your refund. When we have processed your return/complaint we will arrange a refund. The refund will be paid by the same method as when the item was purchased, and it will be done within 2-5 banking days. If you have paid by card, bank transfer or Swish, the money will be paid back to the account that was debited at the time of purchase.

If you have chosen to shop by invoice via Klarna, you can log in at any time to Klarna’s app or at www.klarna.com and put the invoice on hold. If your invoice has already been paid you have to contact Klarna who handle the refund. If you have chosen invoice and return parts of your order you will receive an updated invoice when the return is processed. If you return your entire order, the invoice will be updated and only the return fee should be paid.

If you have purchased items during a specific campaign/offer and have received an item in the bargain when the purchase exceeds a certain sum, and you then want to make a return, we will charge you for the in-the-bargain product if the value of said product is lower than the sum stated as a condition for taking advantage of the campaign/offer. This is because the terms for the campaign are no longer considered fulfilled.

If you have questions or thoughts regarding your refund, please contact our customer service for further assistance.

Purchased through a retailer?

If you have purchased your item from one of our retailers, we refer you to that particular shop to receive help with your return/complaint.