Billi wine cooler rPET

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Product information

Billi wine cooler has a unique characteristic design which represents Sagaform in an obvious way. A wine cooler with practical and stylish design is a summer savior. When the days are hot it’s nice to be able to cool any kind of beverage. Billi is also great to use for flowers when you don’t use it as a cooler. Why not include a bottle of wine or lemonade when giving it away as an appreciated and useful gift to someone you care about. The stripes follow the shape and there are two practical holes for holding it. The shape is thought through and easy to use wherever and whenever. Designed in Sweden by Studio Sagaform. Made of recycled plastic (rPET). Hand wash. Only for cold beverages. Size ø18x18 cm 3 liter.

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Studio Sagaform


rPET/recycled plastic

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Food safe.


Billi is more than a usual series for serving, it’s a future original for sure. Made of 100% recycled plastic and designed to be your companion on many adventures to come. Doesn’t matter if you’re hiking, spending time in your caravan, on your boat, by the pool or enjoying a picnic in the woods, Billi will always be your best friend. Billi is not only practical for the outdoor life, it’s also created considering the environment. Made of recycled PET (rPET) . Billi glasses have rounded generous bowls embellished with the classic Sagaform stripe, which gives Billi a modern and stylish design with an exciting touch. With a stackable shape and a low foot Billi doesn’t take up much space wherever or whenever you use it. Its soft shapes invite you to have a festive time, during weekdays as well as on holiday. In the Billi series you will find a wide selection of products like wine glasses, beer glasses, coupe glasses, drinking glasses, a carafe, bowls and a wine cooler.

Billi - a new Swedish original

A future Swedish original made from 100% recycled plastic. A series of glasses in various models and accessories in a unique design. Billi is the obvious choice for outdoor activities, caravan vacations, boating, and for all moments worth celebrating a little extra. With rounded, generous cups adorned with the classic Sagaform stripe, the family members of the series have a modern, sleek design with an exciting character developed for an active life and moments together.